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Does your current vendor (or computer guy) leave you feeling like you are surrounded by a sea of cables with no life boat in sight? Well, help is on the way! Software Sourcery, is dedicated to the continuous process of keeping up with computer technology as it applies to escrow. Software Sourcery is about the only company that will supply bundled, networked hardware with our software. This means that you only have one place to call (not India) should you ever have a problem (regardless of whether it's hardware or software). What this means to you is that you never have different vendors pointing fingers at "the other guy." It also means that we have equivalent hardware in our office that we can deliver to you in a matter of hours should you ever have a problem. That way, you can save thousands of dollars by not having to have a maintenance contract on your hardware or network.

We may not have the cheapest hardware because we build all of our own servers, workstations, and networks for customers that request them. Our servers and workstations are custom designed to meet each customer's individual needs. They are built by hand to provide optimal performance and reliability throughout years of constant use with the Escrow Wizard. Each unit is tested in our lab to virtually eliminate malfunction and compatibility issues and assure a long operating life cycle. Software Sourcery will install any hardware that you order at the same time the software is installed and before training is conducted for employees.

A few of the many features of our hardware are as follows:

  • Servers have premium quality components such as Crucial error correcting (ECC) memory, an Enermax premium 425 watt power supply, server quality case with 4 fans, mirrored hard drives, DVD burner for backup, etc.
  • Workstations have premium quality components such Crucial memory, an Enermax premium 425 watt power supply, server quality case with 4 fans, SATA II hard drive, etc.
  • Brighter, sharper LCD flat panel displays from 17 inches on up to 22 inches. We offer budget models as well as a premium NEC LCD flat panel with a bright, clear, crisp glass screen. Flat panel displays can free up valuable desk space.
  • We offer an extensive range of printers from Hewlett Packard and Lexmark (former printing division of IBM). Various models are available with multiple paper drawers, duplexing, and mail box attachments (sorters).
  • Software Sourcery can supply any network hardware that you might need.
  • Cabling is available if needed.
  • We generally stock most accessories and supplies for all equipment that we sell.