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The Escrow Documentation system contained in the Escrow Wizard is a complete, turnkey, professional system that allows you to accurately manage the tremendous amount of paperwork contained in today's escrow transactions. It enables you to quickly and consistently generate escrow documents for the full range of possible transactions, without wasted or repetitive steps. We can't possibly cover all the features in this web site, so we would encourage you to contact us for a detailed demonstration of the software in your office (can be scheduled day or night, weekends included). A few of the many features are as follows:

  • Escrow Documentation can integrate with Escrow Trust Accounting or stand on its own.
  • Multiple types of input screens means that every person in your office can enter escrow information in the style that is most comfortable for them.
  • System was designed for speed because time is money!
  • Email, fax, or print all documents from any workstation (including home).
  • Types of escrows include sales, refinances, VA, FHA, All-Inclusive Trust Deeds, mobile homes, business transfers (bulk sales), and many others.
  • System is comprehensive, reliable, and customizable.
  • The Documentation System contains 4 different types of phrases that allow you to customize each escrow or many escrows at one time.
  • The ability for the escrow professional to create their own "master escrows" will save a tremendous amount of time. This means that they can generate more revenue and process more escrows in the same amount of time.
  • Both checks and receipts can be printed from the same printer as the rest of your documents.
  • Escrow tracking system allows you to track documents, meetings, phone calls, etc.
  • Any employee with a computer can work from home over the Internet.
  • The Escrow Wizard can grow as your company grows. You can add additional workstations at any time. New branches can be added; each branch can have their own server or they can communicate over the Internet with a central server. Icons for each branch can be put on your workstation's desktop.