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Does your current escrow trust accounting vendor make you feel like taking a chain saw to your system? Usually this happens when your daily report won't balance or the vendor can't reconcile the computer balance with the bank balance. It is not unusual for the vendor to move missing funds to a "slush" account so that they can force a balance. Software Sourcery is extremely proud of the fact that our trust accounting software has never lost a penny for any customer in the 30+ years that we have been in business.

The Escrow Trust Accounting system contained in the Escrow Wizard is a complete, turnkey, professional system that allows you to accurately manage all the funds flowing through all your escrows. It enables you to quickly and consistently generate trust accounting reports whenever you wish without wasted or repetitive steps. All the trust accounting information is kept in your office; there is no need to transmit transactions to your vendor overnight and wait until they transmit your reports back to you. In addition, since the Escrow Trust Accounting system is included in the Escrow Wizard at no additional cost, it is substantially cheaper than competing systems that charge you by escrow and/or by the number of lines on your trust accounting reports. We can't possibly cover all the features in this web site, so we would encourage you to contact us for a detailed demonstration of the software in your office (can be scheduled day or night, weekends included). A few of the many features are as follows:

  • Escrow Trust Accounting can integrate with Escrow Documentation or stand on its own.
  • Substantially cheaper than vendors that charge extra for trust accounting software.
  • System was designed for speed because time is money!
  • Monthly reconciliation of the computer account to the bank statement is available for a modest fee
  • System supports all major escrow banks' Positive Pay systems.
  • The trust account balance and/or ledger are visible to employees while they are working in the Escrow Documentation system. However, they cannot change any entries in the Trust Accounting system.
  • Email or print all reports from any workstation (including home). This feature also allows you to archive reports on CD or DVD if you wish.
  • Reports can be reprinted for any day within a 5, 7, or 10 year span (you choose).
  • System is comprehensive, accurate, and reliable.
  • The software tracks 16 different kinds of transactions compared to other vendors' 5 or 6.
  • You can generate customizable reports on your escrows in over 10,000,000 different ways.
  • Adjustments take but a single entry unlike other vendors that require 2 entries.
  • Any employee with a computer can work from home over the Internet.
  • The Escrow Wizard can grow as your company grows. You can add additional workstations at any time. New branches can be added; each branch can have their own server or they can communicate over the Internet with a central server. Icons for each branch can be put on your workstation's desktop. This allows the trust accounting function to be centralized if management wishes.