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Software Sourcery Systems, Inc. was founded in 1976 by Chen ("Ken") Coulter as a consulting company that worked on contracts for major corporations such as IBM, Burroughs, Nixdorf-Siemens, Control Data Corp., etc. One of the contracts that he was given involved the automation of an escrow company in La Mesa, California. Once he successfully completed the contract, the escrow company owner was so impressed with the resulting product that he formed a new company (Digital Documents, Inc.) with Chen. DDI designed and developed the first complete stand alone system for escrow documentation with integrated trust accounting. Chen and his partner successfully marketed software and hardware for a number of years before Chen decided that he needed to rearchitect the software on his own at Software Sourcery.

Chen's vision for Software Sourcery was to build a company around the concept that a solid escrow automation product delivered and supported with dedicated personal service was a formula for success. The goal was to eliminate the crystal ball that most escrow professionals used to close escrows at that time. Since that time, Software Sourcery has remained committed to the escrow industry and has continued to develop innovative software that generates the myriad of documents, forms, and reports required by the modern escrow professional.

However, we never overlook the fact that the software is used by people and people occasionally need help with their escrows, documents, trust accounting, and hardware. That's why we support our valued escrow customers with live, personable people (we don't do voice mail). Every employee is required to successfully complete an escrow class, so that customers always reach someone who knows something about escrow. The help line (800-776-MAGIK) is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so that you always get fast, responsive solutions to your escrow challenges.

In 1992, Ada Albright joined Software Sourcery as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Ada had 15 years experience as an escrow officer processing the most difficult escrows. Ada is a Past President of the San Bernardino Escrow Association and was a Director of the California Escrow Association for 3 years. Ada is well known and highly regarded within the real estate and escrow communities. In addition, she has an excellent ability to communicate with Software Sourcery's escrow clientele. Since Software Sourcery is constantly developing new software, Ada's insights are invaluable in determining the path that the Escrow Wizard will take.